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WMBC in Exile - Episode 1

UMBC’s student voice is under attack. In the first episode of our series WMBC in Exile, we introduce some of our station officers and briefly discuss the current state of UMBC’s student radio station. Our hopes for the future, interactions with campus administrators, our frustrations with their response, and plans for future episodes of this […]

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WMBC Presents is our officer-curated feed of podcasted content. We post original interviews, special guests, or feature a WMBC member’s content that we think is particularly noteworthy! Please check out all of our other members’ shows back at our Shows page.

We’re currently running WMBC in Exile, a podcast series dedicated to the plight of student voice at UMBC. It’s an open secret that UMBC often ignores or runs directly contrary to the wishes of its students, and has done so for years. Student organizations are particular targets of administrative action from time to time. WMBC in Exile is our way of documenting and preserving these stories, both of our own struggles and the struggles of other unheard voices on the campus. We must not let UMBC silence the voice of those who pay its tuition!

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