Currently, All systems operational

Backend Latency

Web Services

10:00 02-Aug-18


Investigating errors in mailer password synchronization.

14:52 30-Jul-18

All systems operational

A bug in updating song titles which resulted in metadata being incorrectly cached on the web frontend has been fixed.

10:00 13-Apr-18

All systems operational

Network was successfully upgraded and access to website was restored.

16:00 12-Apr-18

Stream is down

Due to network upgrade, the server was knocked offline and caused the entire website to go down.

19:20 21-Feb-18

All systems operational

Scratch disk was emptied, commit 63f72728119e635b01b5466c0a64ac5af084ff08 addresses recording reaper.

22:50 20-Feb-18


Scratch disk for recordings full, recorder offline. Stream unaffected.

12:21 14-Feb-18

All systems operational

Recording works normally again

21:00 19-Dec-17


Shows might have issues successfully recording as recorder does not log time correctly.

22:41 12-Dec-17

All systems operational

New storage backend deployed, download URLs now redirect to audio URLs.

14:06 14-Nov-17

All systems operational

Mixer USB has been plugged in again - stream broadcasting and website operational.

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