The following terms constitute an agreement between you (the Authorizer as listed below) and WMBC, a student organization subject to the policies of Campus Life at UMBC. All policies of WMBC are authorized under the jurisdiction of the Student Organization Policy, jointly authorized by the Student Governmen Association and Campus Life. Submitting this form shall constitute a electronic signature of the Authorizer. By signing this form, you certify, under penalty of perjury, that you are the Authorizer, and that you are authorized to submit this form on behalf of the Producer and if applicable, your Sponsoring Entity. Upon recognition of receipt, the Producer shall be subject to and agrees to comply with all rules and responsibilities associated with being an On-Air Personality. Once accepted and scheduled, the Producer agrees to coordinate and produce a show on air once weekly, barring uncontrollable circumstance or prior agreement with the On-Air Personality Manager or authorized proxy.

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Midnight Ruined Mouth Radio Sweet Spot
1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AMWeird Ponies
10 AMHanging with ET
11 AMJay & Ash vs. The World A Freeze in the Morning
12 PMUntitled Playlist The WaveAround the LoopGo Retrievers!
1 PM .wavpattern//CREATIIION RadioA Freeze in TimeJavi's Tamales
2 PM Improversations Friday Hates You
3 PMAdam Sandler's Semiprofessional Exotic Radio Shack The Velvet VoiceCollege Democrats: Midterms Year!Soccer SoupMom Jeans Remember and Rock
4 PMSoleTunesRadio BartlebyThe Voice of UMBC 2faced
5 PMMusic and MemesQuadrant FlubSuper Pirate Radio Adventure Bonanza Ultra II.2 Ian and the ZipermanNeural Noise
6 PMGood QuestionEclectricksWingardcastToo HipLouis Witt's "Adam Sandler's 『BEDTIME STORY』"
7 PMEvening EclecticRadioOnWelfareXoFMThe MenagerieNo Gamertag NeededThe Savy SageAuthentik
8 PMLo-Fi Late NitesFRONT ROWOutdoors Weekly (Rifle & Pistol Club)Lunar AbstractAdventures in Infinite Free CancerVariety ViceThe Taylor Radio Hour
9 PMOn TopicSound BitesBelow the Belt ShowTerminal Degree GOLAZONESad boy Sunday
10 PMDraco SZNBool of SoupBelow the Belt ShowWaveforms Dark Horse Radio
11 PM The Encyclopedia of EverythingBelow the Belt ShowThe Joyride