Here you will find detailed information about open club positions and the requirements of each. If you would like to apply for one just fill out the application by clicking here.

Descriptions for Available Positions follow:

Executive Producer

The Executive Producer (EP) will be responsible for DJ scheduling and conflicts, and will have the authority to suspend a DJ and their show, and report any DJ to the UMBC Judicial board for violating the UMBC or WMBC conduct codes. It is the responsibility of the EP to monitor all DJ activities wihch are subject to broadcast. The EP may appoint any number of assistants to help monitor broadcasts. These Assistant EP?s (AEP)?s will have the authority to report any language or conduct code violations, or any other violations to the EP, who will then have the authority to suspend DJ?s as if the EP had him/herself heard the offense in question. The AEP may also suspend broadcast during a show if the DJ continues to violate WMBC?s or UMBC?s conduct code, until such time as the EP, GM, or AGM can be notified. Finally, the EP is responsible for training or assisting in training DJ?s and for monitoring DJ?s to ensure underwriting, station ID?s and public service announcements (PSA?s) are played when required.

Head Music Director

The head Music Director (MD) will be responsible for the receiving, logging, and periodic ordering and maintenance of the WMBC music collection. The MD may, and is encouraged to, appoint assistant MD?s (AMD)?s to help in the timely completion of these duties. Any appointments made by the head MD must be discussed with and approved by the GM or AGM. MD?s must organize and alphabetize WMBC?s music collection at at least once per semester. MD?s are responsible for creating and maintainting a section for newly received or released music, and for the weekly reporting to College Music Journal (CMJ). Additionally, MD?s are responsible for logging in new music, and for receiving the mail.

Director of Productions

The Director or Productions (DP) will be held responsible for the recording of bands, sponsorships, PSA?s and station ID?s and will be responsible for overseeing any and all live shows sponsored by WMBC. The DP is not required to monitor or attend all events, however, the DP is responsible for all equipment used for any event. The DP is also responsible for the maintenance of WMBC?s recording studio, and is asked to work in conjunction with the CE in maintaining WMBC?s eqipment. Positions of DP and CE may be held simultaneously. To become DP, an individual must have:

a) Taken Music 212W, 218, 219, or equivalent studio recording class, or
b) Demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of recording, studio engineering, and productions work, or
c) Worked as an assistant DP (ADP) for at least two semesters.

Additionally, a DP must pass a comprehensive test to assure that he/she can properly operate any and all of the WMBC recording studio equipment. A DP may utilize the assistance of any number of individuals as ADP?s, who may learn to use the equipment and may then qualify for the position of DP. Anyone who is interested may become an ADP.

News Director

The News Director (ND) will be responsible for reporting news to the EP so that DJ?s will be able to report current and factual information to their listeners. News may be reported via email, or may be printed and submitted to the EP and DJ?s by 9am.

IT Director/Webmaster ( Web Team )

An IT Director (Webmaster) will be responsible for the creation, maintenance, and administration of the WMBC network and it?s corresponding databases. The Webmaster will be responsible for maintaining the WMBC WWW page, the WMBC Real Audio server, and all system accounts, as well as the music director database, and any part of the WMBC network. The Webmaster should seek the assistance of the CE to ensure a legal and reasonable broadcast. If the Webmaster is unfamiliar with the WMBC network, or system, the Webmaster is urged to see assistance with UCS, the UMBC Linux users group, or to attend classes corresponding to these duties.

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