Station Agreement / Contract

DJ Contract / Agreement – [FOR ARCHIVAL USE ONLY]

In order to maintain a professional atmosphere at WMBC, all members are required to follow several basic rules and regulations. All DJs are required to review this contract and policies and procedures. If you do not understand any of the policies and procedures, or would like to obtain clarification, please ask an executive board member.

I. Station Security and Theft

WMBC has a strike pad and alarm system at the station entrance. All DJs are required to enter their assigned PIN so that the alarm may be disabled temporarily and the door unlocked (follow the instructions on the door). The alarm will reset once the door is shut. All alarm deactivations are logged by the UMBC campus police. DJs may NOT open the door from the inside for anyone who is not affiliated with WMBC (unless it is a UMBC administrator or they have been given permission by an executive board member to let the person(s) in the station. While this may be a slight inconvenience, it will help WMBC track who enters the station and will prevent YOU from being responsible if anything is stolen by someone else outside your shift. DJs should note if anything is missing during their shift and should contact an executive board member immediately!

Theft of ANYTHING from WMBC is strictly prohibited. Anyone found stealing or borrowing ANYTHING (including, but not limited to turntables, CD players, tape decks, microphones, CDs, records, DATs, ADATs and vinyl) will immediately be suspended, will be prosecuted in violation of the UMBC Code of Student Conduct and of state and federal laws. This means if you borrow a CD to make a copy at home and someone catches you, WMBC will report you to UMBC’s Student Judicial Services and the UMBC campus police.

Some items may be loaned from WMBC under certain circumstances. Check with an executive board member if you want to borrow something. You are required to fill out a WMBC property loan form, which must be signed by the Station Manager and the head of the department loaning the equipment (either the Productions Director, Chief Engineer, Assistant Station Manager, or Head Music Director).

II. Unauthorized Use and Access Policy

WMBC strictly adheres to its unauthorized use and access policy. If you are found in possession of WMBC keys or FACs (Forced Access Codes for long distance telephone use), or have used a security code not belonging to you, you will immediately be suspended from WMBC pending a WMBC Board hearing regarding your expulsion. Do not lend anyone your code and do not let any people outside of the WMBC organization in without the expressed permission of a WMBC executive board member. Authorized individuals are those with functioning WMBC security codes (exception: UMBC administrators are welcome ANYTIME. If you allow someone in WMBC who doesn?t enter a code, you are required to fill out the door log stating who you admitted to WMBC and why). Only Executive Board members may allow unauthorized individuals into WMBC under their supervision.

III. Show Responsibilities

As a DJ, you are required to be at your show regularly and attend mandatory meetings. If you cannot make a meeting you must email the Program Director or Station Manager so that they will excuse you. If you cannot make your show, you are advised to send an email out to the DJs list (LINK REDACTED) with the date and time of the show you will be missing. You also may email the Program Director notifying them of the fact that you will be missing your show, especially if it is short notice. If you miss three (3) shows without being excused by the Program Director YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SHOW. You have the opportunity to reapply the next semester but you lose all WMBC privileges for the remainder of the semester when your show is cancelled.

You are responsible for any and all material broadcast over the air. This includes live phone conversations and all music. You are advised to pre-record phone conversations and preview music before you play it. WMBC music directors attempt to regulate on-air content through a listener reporting system , and will have random spot checks of all of our shows.

You may NOT start a CD and leave the DJ booth during your show for any reason. When your show is over and either there is no one scheduled after you or they do not show up, please start the DJ-TRON. Also, eating and drinking in the broadcast booth as well as smoking anywhere in WMBC is strictly prohibited. Repeated failure to return the audio to DJ-Tron and repeated food/trash incidents will result in the loss of your show and all WMBC privileges.

Before and after your show you are required to fill out a Broadcast Report available online : . When you complete an episode of your show, please note whether any equipment was damaged or missing when you arrived for your show, if the turntables were locked, if the DJ booth was clean , the stream is operational and if any trash was left behind prior to your show. If the person that comes in after you notes that equipment was missing or damaged and you have failed to do so, it will be assumed that you are the one responsible, so it is very important to use the log properly and frequently. Additionally the form allows us to keep track of what music you are playing for our monthly reporting to labels and studios.

Finally, guest DJs and hosts are only allowed if they are pre-trained by an executive board member and approved by the Program Director. Any non-member found in the station unaccompanied by a member of the station will be considered trespassing and will be subject to action under the UMBC Code of Student Conduct.

IV. Other Responsibilities

All members are required to comply with the UMBC Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, all members are required to attend regular mandatory meetings as well as their assigned show. Meetings will be announced at least one week in advance via myUMBC, on the website, and via the email mailing list. All members of the station are automatically added to the [linkredacted] list.

All announcements concerning events such as meetings, shows, and WMBC sponsored events will be sent to this list. All DJs are also added to the [linkredacted] list. If there are any announcements concerning DJs specifically (e.g. covering for someone’s show, discussions between DJs, etc.). DJs are also encouraged to send e-mail to this list with questions and ideas. Anyone found tampering with the WMBC server or attempting to gain root access will be prosecuted accordingly.

DJs are not allowed to speak to the SGA or Student Activities offices without the express consent of the WMBC Executive Board. This is to prevent unauthorized reallocation or distribution of WMBC funds or equipment and to prevent problems with the administration and WMBC. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a board member immediately.
DJs may not, under any circumstance, obstruct, damage, disarm or disable Station Video Monitoring/DJ Booth Webcam stream.

DJs are encouraged to send oncassional emails with any questions to any of the following WMBC board members whose email addresses/contact information are available on the most current Staff contact page located at : Spamming the list with unauthorized emails will result in removal from the list and loss of show privelages.

WMBC reserves the right to manipulate scheduling, including but not limited to: re-scheduling your show with just cause (listenership, audience, contract infractions, etc.), remove your time slot, or require multiple DJs during your time slot.

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